SKP is a Street art gallery of photos I made during with urban trekking, with photos of street art paste-ups, stencils, stickers from street art artist like Alexöne, The London Police, Bonom, Doctor H., Cum in the streets, ... I hope you enjoy it. If you don't know where to begin, pick up a random photo or our have a look at some of the highlights photo sets.

About this site

One day my schrink told me "Listen to me, Paul. You'll have to walk, everyday, 10 minutes before going to sleep. You will see. All your troubles will disappear."

Walk... Nice. But where ? Just stroll in the neighbourhood ? Without any aim ? Great :-( But I walked anyway, half-heartedly. One of these strolling nights, I saw some young pranksters with their spray bombs painting on walls, spoilling our cities. I suddenly realised that our urban environment was devastated by all these stickers, spray bombing acts, bleached by light, decayed by rains, turning every single wall to rubbish.

I found my goal: to take an inventory of all these voluntary degradations, to keep proofs of these acts. I will note the time, the place, keep a picture of it, and if possible the name of the so-called "artist". They are so proud, they write it everywhere ! I hope this website will help our authorities to track down all these scoundrels, that remain most of the time incredibily unpunished. Of course, this problem is not restricted to my beloved city. So I started to extend my quest to other cities.

The more we are to expose these facts the greater the chance is that we could keep our cities' abandonned houses, unfinished building sites, trains, ... clean and free from all these damages. We all deserve neat and nice streets.



The site should now be better indexed by Google ! I have added some quick links to the more interesting pages like Brussels.html, Saint-Gilles.html,... for regions, and Bonom.html, Doctor_H.html, ... for the pranksters !


Today is it the 500th photo of the site, with this special gift !


Although nobody would remark it, the navigation has been smoothed and is now far more logical. I also had an automatic upload of the more eloquent photos to my buddy a---'s Flickr account.


While still in beta version, the site has been fine tuned. I have added some new pictures and a new map feature thanks to Google Map fantastic services.


First test version of the site. If you are a lucky one, you will among the first ones to see these pictures. The site has not been filled up completly yet. I have got another 100 pictures waiting to be added.


Some pride sites:

If you want to know what expects us if we don't pay attention:

At last, if you want to understand these scoundrels: